FULL MOON Earrings

FULL MOON Earrings


WxMTN 22’

The FULL MOON earring style features seven round shells that represents the moon(s) and her (Grandmother Moon) various sizes that she appears. Throughout the year we are able to get a few glimpses of a full moon. Sometimes she appears so close to us, but most of the time we see her in the far distance. Which is why there are more smaller than larger moons. Seven is also very close-to-heart number for the artist both having cultural significance & a birthdate of 07/27/97 🍀.

FULL MOON Shell Earrings w/ Crystal drop detail.


7” in, 17.78cm


•White natural shell.

•Sterling silver earring hooks in gold-tone.

•Gold-tone hardware.

•Glass Crystal drop.

Crystal Colorway