*Limited Edition* Thirteen Moons Shells Earrings

*Limited Edition* Thirteen Moons Shells Earrings



Limited Edition Crystals

For millenia, Anishinaabe have utilized phenological events coupled with traditional knowledge to keep track of time.

The "Gregorian" calendar, which is a solar calendar consisting of 12 months unlike the Anishinaabe calendar. Traditionally, the Anishinaabe followed a lunar calendar, which is 13 moons long. The timing of each dibiki-giizis (moon) corresponds to important events in the cycle of life and nature.

1.)Gichi Manidoo Giizis - Great Spirit Moon

2.)Namebini Giizis - Suckerfish Moon

3.)Onaabani Giizis - Snowcrust Moon

4.)Iskigamizige Giizis - Sugaring Moon

5.)Waabigwani Giizis - Flowering Moon

6.)Ode’imin Giizis - Strawberry Moon

7.)Aabita-Niibino Giizis - Halfway Summer Moon

8.)Miini Giizis - Blueberry Moon

9.)Manoominike Giizis - Wild Ricing Moon

10.)Waatebagaa Giizis - Bright Leaves Moon

11.)Binaakwe Giizis - Raking Leaves Moon

12.)Gashkadino Giizis - Freezing Over Moon

13.)Manidoo Giizisoons - Little Spirit Moon

THIRTEEN MOONS Shell Earrings w/ Crystal drop detail.

Crystal Colorway
  • Length

    12” in/30.48 cm long

  • Materials

    •White natural shell.

    •Sterling silver earring hooks in gold-tone.

    •Gold-tone hardware.

    •Glass crystal drops.