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SMALL THIRTEEN MOONS Shell Earrings w/ Crystal drops


For millenia, Anishinaabe have utilized phenological events coupled with traditional knowledge to keep track of time.


Culturally, the Anishinaabe followed a lunar calendar, which is 13 moons long. The timing of each dibiki-giizis (moon) corresponds to important events in the cycle of life and nature.


1.)Gichi Manidoo Giizis - Great Spirit Moon

2.)Namebini Giizis - Suckerfish Moon

3.)Onaabani Giizis - Snowcrust Moon

4.)Iskigamizige Giizis - Sugaring Moon

5.)Waabigwani Giizis - Flowering Moon

6.)Ode’imin Giizis - Strawberry Moon

7.)Aabita-Niibino Giizis - Halfway Summer Moon

8.)Miini Giizis - Blueberry Moon

9.)Manoominike Giizis - Wild Ricing Moon

10.)Waatebagaa Giizis - Bright Leaves Moon

11.)Binaakwe Giizis - Raking Leaves Moon

12.)Gashkadino Giizis - Freezing Over Moon

13.)Manidoo Giizisoons - Little Spirit Moon


Made-to-Order product with a 1-5 business days to process & fulfill order.

Small Thirteen Moons Earrings

Crystal Color
  • Sterling Silver Earrings Hook Clasps

    Sterling Silver or Gold plated Hardware

    Natural-toned Shell

    Glass crystal drop

    • About 10" inches, 25.4 cm
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